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 Jang Yeol

Secret admirer
Dim 14 Fév 2021 - 14:55
Dear Yeol,

Happy Valentine’s Day !

You know that I like vintage things, right ? I think chocolate is too cliché, and one of the worst gift one can offer.
So I made you a mixtape. It is actually the first time I am doing this, it was rather difficult to find this cassette. The Walkman  was easier to find, which is surprising. Anyway, I hope you'll like it. I mixed some songs I really like, and some that makes me think of you. You can figure it out by yourself, which are which. I wrote the titles on the box.

Hope I’ll get the chance to see you today !


Jang Yeol 9Ynf7Sf
Secret Admirer
Lun 15 Fév 2021 - 1:08
Hey Yeol,

Joyeuse St Valentin !

J'espère que t'auras retrouvé un peu de tes talents en tu sais quoi, sinon, too bad.
Utilise pas ma photo pour faire des trucs bizarres.

Bye ~

Cadeau (mets des lunettes de soleil, ça brille):
Jang Yeol
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